Welcome to the
XVI Community

XVI (16) Citizens is a collection of one-of-a-kind artwork NFTs - unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain. All 1,616 XVI Citizens NFTs are unique and each of them represents one of the 16 Personalities type. The core value of XVI Citizens project is that by recognizing the differences in personalities, we should have confidence in being our true-self, while respecting others. 

Future utilities and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

The Specs

All 3216 XVI Citizens NFTs are proudly created by Chubbytea, our designer based in the United States.
With over 150+ different traits, each citizen is also guaranteed to be excitingly unique from all others. XVI Citizens NFT's personalities distribution is referenced from current 16 Personalities population distribution in the world and our community, in order to mimic the real world. Prices are fair, all XVI Citizens cost the same.


With the force of the XVI Citizens Community,

let's activate the roadmap together.

XVI Citizens Launch πŸš€

1,616 XVI Citizens NFTs Mint Date in April (Private Sale + Public Sale)

Secondary Market Listing: Magic Eden, and more

Royalties from secondary market: at least 50% goes into community fund

Holders Perks Activation: Dividends, Exclusive Raffle

Collaboration Perks Activation πŸ”“

Partnerships will be announced in Discord gradually before mint date.

Revealing our focus: Coffee shops, Learning platforms, Shopping platforms, Fashion brand crossover, Charity Organizations, and more!

All XVI Citizens holders will enjoy perks from above categories.

Brand Company Establishment πŸ›’ 

XVI Citizens brand company officially established. 
Regular drops of high-quality XVI Citizens merch, plushies and clothing 
Exclusive items and discounts for XVIC holders
At least 10% of brand company profits goes into XVI Citizens’ community fund

Community πŸ‘ͺ

XVI Citizens NFT is a club pass to enter our exclusive community.

Regular online and offline community events focusing entertainment, arts, educational, social, volunteer service, private parties, social issues campaign

The XVI Citizens team will provide the service of organizing these event

DAO πŸ’°

All Holders make decisions crucial to the development of XVI Citizens, including events, investments, brand company roadmap, etc.

Active discord community members and XVI Citizens holders will be recruited as DAO team representatives to organize holders voting topics.

XVI Citizens Gen.2 πŸ–ΌοΈ

A limited 3D art NFT collection releasing.

All Gen.1 XVI Citizens holders can claim for WL of this next 3D collection.

Entering the Metaverse πŸ’«

Funding Raised will be used to purchase lands on the Solana Chain. XVI Citizens Planet will be created.

XVI Citizens (Gen.1/Gen.2) have exclusive right to enter and participate in exclusive metaverse events and meetups.

More details to be disclosed.

Our Team

It started with 5 people, adding more on the road, 

and many more to come...

ESTJ - The Planner

ESFP - The Coordinator

We are all XVI Citizens

ISFJ - The Launcher

ENFJ - The Visioner

ESFJ -The Designer

Our brand

Coming Soon...

Our Community

Thank you for your early support, more to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where/ When can I get one?

You can get the XVI Citizens NFT on 2 days:

1. Pre Sale: For members who earned a whitelist role (limited) in Discord.
2. Public sale: For everyone, amount available = total available supply - total pre-sale sold

The pre sale & public mint dates will be announced on our Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Official website soon. Make sure to follow us to stay up to date!

Secondary Markets
Head over to Magic Eden to buy your favorite XVI Citizen soon!

What is the supply?

The total supply of XVI Citizens collection is 3,600.

Mint price?

Mint price will be available on our official website soon. It will be affordable for everyone.

Why XVI Citizens NFTs?

16 Personalities is a widely used questionnaire to determine how a person interact with the world and make decisions. We could use 16 Personalities to understand ourselves, as well as others; this allows us to acknowledge our own uniqueness and to respect others' differences. 

However,  16 Personalities is limited to researches and studies. We want to introduce 16 Personalities in other areas like art and technologies, in order to introduce it to more people, to better understand 16 Personalities. Thus, we are bringing 16 Personalities to the metaverse by creating the first NFT collection on 16 Personalities.

We believe with a population of 7.9 Billion in the world, there are 7.9 billion unique individuals. We are all one-of-a-kind and so are the XVI Citizens NFTs. They are all distinctive and represents one of the 16 Personalities personality. We want our holders to resonate with and own a XVI Citizen NFT that represents themselves.

Apart from owning the one of one art piece itself, XVI Citizens NFT is a membership token to our community, granting access to members-only benefits including future drops, dividends, merchandises, community events, private parties, giveaways, raffles, and more! For more details of the rewards and advantages, check out our Roadmap!

Where can I buy or sell it?

You can buy (mint) the NFT on our official website.

After mint, it will be available on secondary market, Magic Eden, Solanart, etc...

We will announce on Discord, Instagram, and Twitter once it is confirmed! Please do not trade any XVI Citizens on any marketplace before we announce, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of them.

By owning the NFT on the blockchain, you will be the only one who can make money out of the NFT on the blockchain, because you are the only one who truly owns the authentic one.

Any additional/ hidden fees/ royalties?

There will be a small gas fee to mint a XVI Citizens NFT. 

10% royalties from secondary market will be used to support marketing, operational costs, and community development. 

Affiliate Program? 

To all the influencers and businesses out there, please feel free to contact us for collaborations at Instagram, email,  Discord Ticket, or Google Form.